2.3.9 - 2024.05.07

  • No need to schedule a call to Request a Trial

  • Ability to deploy an app from qvf

  • Options page UI enhancements

  • Optimized large app Git versioning for GitHub and GitLab (use .zip file download)

  • Do not make a commit when creating a branch

  • Fix the Time Machine Freeze bug

  • Replace outdated links in the Default checklist

2.3.8 - 2024.04.23

  • Versioning for the SaaS Standalone Load Script app

2.3.7 - 2024.04.08

  • Add Private/organization checklist sharing promo

  • Fix link published app to repository

  • Key validation on save Soterre API key

  • Fix partial commit wrong behavior

  • Improve QSDA Pro interface

  • Improve logs for the Options page

  • Fix QSDA pro items UI for the App Checklist

2.3.6 - 2024.03.19

  • Application Checklist improvements

  • Soterre tab: add "Restore" button to the versions, improve UI

  • Allow to choose workspace/organization when creating project

  • Change delimiter for the user subfolder for private sheets on Qlik SaaS

  • Fix wrong commit behaviour for Bitbucket when 'max commit size' options is turned on for the partial commit

2.3.5 - 2024.03.01

  • Add private checklist sharing for organization

  • Add ability to Deploy application from GIT without creating a branch, improve deploy UI dialog

  • Fix auto-generation of commit message

2.3.4 - 2024.02.22

  • Fixed AskAI infinite loading

  • Fix Bitbucket conflicts due commit parts

  • Improve error message while updating published app

2.3.3 - 2024.02.16

  • Added ability to use Gitoqlok without GIT connection

  • Fixed ASK AI behavior

2.3.2 - 2024.02.13

  • Saving an app after reload for deploy from repository

  • Gitoqlok Options: Benefits page changes

2.3.1 - 2024.02.09

  • Fixed conflicts when merging branch from branch back for Bitbucke

2.3.0 - 2024.02.07

  • Added:

- Completely redesigned Soterre integration tab on Gitoqlok Popup

- Bitbucket Cloud: smart split-commit system: reduce commit time and avoid 400 Bitbucket error on large apps

- Fixed license activation after reinstall Gitoqlok

2.2.9 - 2024.02.02

  • Added:

- Forcing repository workspace selection for Bitbucket Cloud (since BitBucket stops creating personal workspaces since February 2023)

- Added ability to sort elements on a sheet to keep order

2.2.8 - 2024.01.22

- Fixed an issue when QSDA Pro would not load analyses

2.2.7 - 2024.01.17

  • Added:

- Join multiple parts of commit for the Bitbucket

- Reset repository cache on GIT provider change

  • Fixed:

- Fixed commit behavior when no objects chosen for the commit

- Fixed error on first commit with selected attached files to a new repository

2.2.6 - 2024.01.15

  • Added:

- Download repository archive for BitBucket

- Optimize Soterre integration (license check fixes)

  • Fixed:

- Fixed an issue that caused a selected commit to not display changes in Time Machine and Diff Viewer

2.2.5 - 2024.01.10

  • Fixed

- Fix lost app thumbnail after Application update from the main branch after merge

2.2.4 - 2024.01.04

  • Added:

- Allow Bookmarks in update process

- Reduce errors on update published application

2.2.3 - 2023.12.20

  • Added:

- Use master application ID on application thumbnail path for the duplicated apps

- Do not apply "published" state of the application due update process to unpublished application

- Add "Reduce conflicts on merge pull requests" section to options page

2.2.1 - 2023.12.14

  • Added:

- Add creation date of the last analysis in the Application Checklist

- Fix order of items in filterpane on update commit

- Auto-split Bitbucket large commit

2.2.0 - 2023.12.4

  • Added:

- Added option to disable display of organization selection window when creating a repository

- Fix trial extending from options page

- Remove Cyber Monday dialog

2.1.9 - 2023.11.27

  • Added:

- Fix getting thumbnails from QMC content library

2.1.8 - 2023.11.25

  • Added:

- Remove temporary Gitoqlok objects from commit/update process

- Change Gitoqlok description in Chrome Web Store

- Fix wrong free repositories count when no license is using

2.1.7 - 2023.11.22

  • Added:

- Add Application Checklist

- Add ability to use Original Application ID in sheet thumbnail URLs when committing to the branch

  • Fixed:

- Fixed error "Variable already exists" when updating to a commit

- Fixed floating Env Migration errors

- Fixed wrong local changes detection when using branch

- Fixed highlighting of changes in the diff viewer

2.1.6 - 2023.11.06

-Fix possible commit issue on large Qlik Apps

2.1.5 - 2023.11.03

-Gitoqlok Helper: fix Time Machine behaviour

2.1.4 - 2023.11.02

- Remove "_gitoqlok" tab from load script

2.1.3 - 2023.10.26

  • Added:

- Fix QSDA Pro validation on options page

2.1.2 - 2023.10.25

- Fixed default bookmark apply on open app

- Helper: Fixed "Current" point on the time machine diff viewer

2.1.1 - 2023.10.20

  • Added:

- Env migration: Fix fetch Task Event error

2.1.0 - 2023.10.16

  • Added:

- Added ability to override master item instead of import

- Added search field for imported sheets

- Added Log file process to the options page

- Diff Viewer optimization: reduced resource consumption

- Time Machine and Diff Viewer: group commit list by committer

  • Fixed:

- Fixed a deployment issue with broken thumbnails

- Fixed env migration errors due fetch content from Qlik Server

2.0.30 - 2023.09.12

  • Added:

- Interface changes for unused master items

- Show connected sheet to a master object in the Business Glossary

- Hide tag manager tryout

- Improve license benefits

  • Fixed:

- Fixed repo creation process in the App Manager for organizations

2.0.29 - 2023.09.06

  • Fixed:

- Fixed serialization error of custom themes

- Fixed Tag Manager UI issues

2.0.28 - 2023.09.02

  • Added:

- License key validation with fingerprint

- Glossary tab to popup with list of term links for Qlik SaaS

- Sheet tags (Publish sheets when publishing an app if intended in Qlik Cloud)

2.0.27 - 2023.08.16

  • Added:

- Add Dev and Prod build nconfigs for vite build for Vue.js

- Fix migrating old settings in case when Gitoqlok updates jump through a few versions

2.0.26 - 2023.08.10

  • Added:

- Added serialization of Business Glossary

- Manual license deactivation added

2.0.25 - 2023.08.07

  • Added:

- Application Manager available on the options page

- Fix save/load options issues

- Fix linking repository on copies of published apps

2.0.24 - 2023.08.02

  • Added:

- Options page: Fixed Bitbucket Server connection error

2.0.23 - 2023.07.23

  • Added:

- Diff Viewer: broken layout when merging new chart into current sheet

- Qlik SaaS: error due commit when no load script available

- Qlik SaaS: error on popup when no permission to get attached files

- Navigation buttons for new user on Options Page

- Removed Sentry.io

- Soterre auto-discover

2.0.22 - 2023.07. 14

  • Added:

- Applications Manager: Bulk repository creation

- Highlighted unused master items

- Documentation Wizard prompt customization in Options

- Autofill server API URL when adding profile

- "Set Default" button for OpenAI prompts on options page

- "Current State" time point to the enhanced Time Machine timeline

  • Fixed:

- Fixed "Save QVF every commit" for Qlik SaaS and Qlik Enterprise servers in compliance with CORS policy

- Fixed error for Deploy From Git with irrelevant bookmark fields

- Fixed commit with only Attached Files selected

- Improve UI on organization selection when creating a repository

- Fixed bug with select sheets for Documentation Wizard.

- Use local storage instead of synchronizable

2.0.21 - 2023.06.29

  • Added:

- Documentation Wizard: Ask AI helper

  • Fixed:

- Improved Timeline in Time Machine and Diff Viewer

- Fixed thumbnail assistance when set thumbnail from another sheet opened

2.0.20 - 2023.06.22

  • Added:

- Add ability to choose workspace due repository creation

- Qlik SaaS: improve app and sheet owner detection

- Improve loading UI

- Improve collision detection for the copies of duplicated published application

- Add counter for Ask AI uses requests on options page

2.0.19 - 2023.06.10

  • Added:

-Options Page CSS fixed

  • Fixed:

-Fixed bug with Static Files

-Fixed bug after saving AskAI prompts

2.0.18 - 2023.06.08

  • Added:

-Add "Call for Ideas" survey

-Ask AI: Added prompt customization

  • Fixed:

-Fixed OpenAI

-Fixed QSDA Pro tab

2.0.17 - 2023.06.05

  • Added:

-Redesigned options page

-Added ability to include static files to commit

-Added notifications on failed connections to Soterre

-Added documentation link to Qlik Helper tooltip

  • Fixed:

-Fixed fonts for Load Editor Dark Theme

2.0.16 - 2023.05.13

  • Added:

- OpenAI Integration: "Ask AI" buttons to instantly generate AI-powered titles and descriptions

- QVD links: redirecting into the Data Load Editor

  • Fixed:

- Env Migration: fix error on fetch custom theme that contains .git folders

- Fix error due Deploy From Git process

- Fix QSDA Pro authorization

- Fix detect Soterre licensing for Qlik Helper

- Fixed floating "Request aborted" error due application update process

2.0.15 - 2023.04.27

  • Fixed:

  1. Fix erroneous local changes detection

2.0.14 - 2023.04.15

  • Added:

  1. Fix wrong detection of copy of copied Qlik application

  2. Fix QVD links behavior

  3. Fix floating Env migration auth error

  4. Add ability to include to the commit exported .qvf file

2.0.13 - 2023.04.11

  • Added:

  1. Added serialization of Custom Themes

  2. Fixed QVD links position when changing a line of code

  3. Fixed merging empty values in Diff Viewer

2.0.12 - 2023.04.04

  • Added:

  1. Potential collision detection (Soterre)

  2. Autodetect Soterre if installed on current Qlik server

  3. Soterre versions to the Time Machine diff viewer

  4. Dates to QSDA Pro analysis list

  5. Mask all tokens on options page

2.0.11 - 2023.04.01

  1. OpenAI survey

2.0.10 - 2023.03.26

  • Fixed:

  1. Fixed problem with Qlik Desktop infinite loading in the popup window

2.0.9 - 2023.03.17

  • Added:

  1. New repo-liking system for Qlik application copies

2.0.8 - 2023.03.13

  • Added:

  1. Feature to parse QVD application links from variables in Data Load Editor

  2. Dark Theme for Data Load Editor

  3. Read-only mode for public sheets in Time Machine Diff Viewer

  4. QSDA Pro integration

  5. License benefits: Options page

  6. Gitoqlok's popup in QMC

  • Fixed:

  1. Fixed error on Environment Migration when user has no access to all objects

  2. Fixed error due save Soterre options

  3. Fixed error on Deploy From Git

  4. Hide "Activate" button on License page after success activation

2.0.7 - 2023.02.09

  1. Fixed error due save Soterre options

2.0.6 - 2023.02.08

  1. Fixed Deploy application from Repository error

  2. Added clear/deactivate button for license keys

2.0.5 - 2023.01.31

  • Added:

- Fixed missing checkboxes in the import load script

- Add License management

- Fix flowing error with commit to Github

2.0.4 - 2023.01.20

  • Added:

- Fix erroneous cleaning Use specified project option after switch out and then back using left menu

- Fixed broken application linking to an existing repository branch

- Added application names when importing scripts from projects

- Hide git tokens on options page

2.0.3 - 2023.01.12

  • Added:

  1. Add ability to reload data on Deploy From Git (field properties and bookmarks will be deployed)

  2. Local Changes: show changed Field properties

  3. Added ability to attach different apps to one branch

  4. Fixed a bug when split commit didn't work correctly

  5. Propose to disable JSON formatting for large commits

  6. Improve Time Machine performance

  • Fixed:

  1. Fix commit Sheet thumbnails

  2. Removed the erroneous appearance of the Gitoqlok Helper when clicking on add sheet button

2.0.2 - 2022.12.22

  • Added:

  1. Add Task Chain tool

  2. Time machine: prevent jump to commit if the sheet is not created by Sheets Comparator

  3. Added visualization merge to the Diff viewer

  4. Added phone number field for trial licenses

  5. License key activation now shows remaining uses

  6. Increased Gitoqlok popup width

  7. Added ability to split commit by size in MB

  8. New links to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Fixed:

  1. Fix Deploy from Git errors

  2. Fix split commits for existing thumbnails

2.0.1 - 2022.12.06

  • Added:

  1. Company name prefill in Calendly widget

  • Fixed:

  1. Fixed repository creation for Azure and AWS

  2. Fixed license check when Soterre is configured but unavailable

  3. Fixed fetch gitoqlok-lib repositories from GitHub when using different GIT provider

  4. Fixed wrong behavior after unlinking the Qlik Application from Project Repository

  5. Improved user input for the Soterre hostname on the options page

  6. Time Machine timeline: do not group small commits count

  7. Removed the GitoqlokMetadata variable from local changes and commit content

2.0.0 - 2022-11-30

  • Added:

  1. Enable Paywall Licenses

  2. Remove redundant information from log

  3. NPS survey is now shown after 10 days of use

  4. Added app links for QVD files in Data Load Editor DiffMode

  5. Added "Refresh" button to the Local Changes tab

  • Fixed:

  1. Fix bug with case-sensitive links for QVD

  2. Fix wrong Other commits link on Time Machine

1.9.90 - 2022-11-28

  • Added:

  1. Remove redundant information from the log

  2. NPS survey is now shown after 10 days of use

  3. Added app links for QVD files in Data Load Editor DiffMode

  4. Added "Refresh" button to the Local Changes tab

  • Fixed:

  1. Fix bug with case-sensitive links for QVD

  2. Fix wrong Other commits link on Time Machine

1.9.89 - 2022-11-18

  • Added:

  1. Cache to Local Changes tab

  2. Open the ETL app by clicking on the QVD file in Data Load Editor

  3. Repositories number survey

  • Fixed:

  1. Improve performance of: The options page, Deploy App, Import Data Connections, Data Load Editor Diff, Sheets Comparator

  2. Fixed the wrong number of commits on a collapsed timeline in TimeMachine

  3. Fix many issues on the Project applications popup and Gitoqlok Helper

1.9.88 - 2022-11-10


  1. Qlik SaaS: fix Projects workflow for insufficient user permissions

1.9.87 - 2022-11-08

  • Added:

  1. Gitoqlok Helper: "Set a screenshot" button

  2. Gitoqlok Helper Time Machine: timeline of commits into groups by month

  3. Replace operation on "Move App" and "Deploy App" tools: red warning message

  4. Time machine Diff Viewer Merge: "Select all" checkbox, improved UI

  5. Qlik SaaS: repository information if a repository exists for the app, but the user has no access to it

  6. Qlik SaaS: allow the non-owner user to create a repository for an app if it is not created yet

  7. Soterre Integration

  • Fixed:

  1. Fix Time Machine and Diff Viewer for the Qlik SaaS private sheets

  2. Fix Projects workflow issues for the Qlik SaaS and Qlik Enterprise

  3. Fix the wrong appearance of the Gitoqlok Helper for sheets when clicking on the sheet thumbnail

  4. Fix GitHub secondary rate limit error on apps with a big amount of objects

  5. Fix UI trash after Sheets Comparator helper on/off

  6. Fix Create repository for the Gitlab

  • Removed:

  1. "Replace App" feature from Deploy App From Git for Qlik SaaS

  • Time Machine and Diff Viewer: fix wrong free space detection for not rectangular objects, add them to the end of the sheet

  • Load Editor Diff: Keep selected branch on change script section, improve performance

1.9.86 - 2022-10-21

Here is what’s new in Version 1.9.86 of Gitoqlok!

Gitoqlok Helper: Compare Sheets

Now you can compare sheets when working in a collaborative mode.

  • Integrated with Time Machine and Diff Viewer

You can now use the sheets comparator to see changes in your Qlik Sense app sheets after your teammate has committed their work. When your collaborator saves changes on the branch of your application, you can apply the Time Machine or Diff Viewer to see the differences visually.

  • Diff Viewer: added

There is now an ability to merge/import Sheet Visualizations from different versions and branches. You can now make merges using the Table difference mode or do it manually in JSON split editor.

  • Set a thumbnail: added

The separation line between the main content and the description of your thumbnail is now draggable.

  • Fixed:

  1. Save Changed behavior

  2. Commit large objects to GitHub

1.9.85 - 2022-10-13

What’s new in the 1.9.85 release of Gitoqlok?

The release features several updates including:

  • Import function Changed interface (includes grouping of sheets and email), duplication of added objects;

  • Commit function All sheets participation (both public and private);

  • Update function No more manual manipulations when updating public sheets;

  • Deploy function Deploying only public sheets from the repository.

All done for our user’s best experience and ease to use! Try it out and do not hesitate to share your experience.

  • Fixed:

  1. Projects behavior errors

  2. Improved projects UI

  3. Import UI

  4. Import errors

v. 1.0.0 - 2020-07-05
-  Enable action buttons after success by timeout
-  Use modal windows to display errors
- Add notifications and badges about new commits in the repository

v. 0.8.0 - 2020-07-02
- TreeView for repository list. 
-  Remove old script.qvs from repo when committing new split script
- Fix dropdown-menu width, fix branches error

v. 0.6.0 - 2020-07-02
- Update button in branches. 
- QlikviewComponents are availble for import. 
- New load script storing strategy. Each tab is the file in the folder data_load_script.

v. 0.5.7 - 2020-06-18
- UX enhancements
- Storing options for multiple git platforms

- Sheet thumbnail screenshot on QLik Desktop 
- Exclude readme and appprops from branch commit
- Resolved Tab Conflicts on load script import

v. 0.5.6 - 2020-06-15
- Apps dev-copy identification. 
- Branch management. 

- Gitlab import process.

v. 0.5.5 - 2020-06-10
- Proxy support added. 
- GitHub public gitoqlik-lib visibility for Gitlab and Bitbucket users. 
- Fix the organizations toggle in the popup. 
- Get the GitLab project list including group projects. 
- Fix on popup - hide git error after git action click.
- Fix Gitlab organization detection in settings page.

0.5.0 - 2020-06-04


  • Master visualizations importing with selected sheets

  • Imports Variables that link with selected sheets

  • Sheet thumbnail assistant added

  • Organizations repositories supporting now

0.3.0 - 2020-05-30


  • Sheets importing


  • Bug with load script disappearing before update.

  • "App already opens in different mode" error fixed

0.2.1 - 2020-05-28


  • Fully BitBucket supports.

  • Public and private repositories with "gitoqlik-lib" topic available for import and sharing.

  • "Always one selected value" option added to the visualization process.


  • Invalid date in README.MD bug fixed.

0.1.0 - 2020-05-19


  • Import code snippets from different repositories in your app.

  • Dataconnection excludes from the serialization process.

  • Autodocumentation in a repository. List of sheets with description.

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