This page describes the usage of Open AI integration with Gitoqlok.

Gitoqlok integrates with Open AI API to enhance and augment your Qlik Sense development experience. "Ask AI" buttons can be revealed via the activation of Qlik Helper.

To start using Ask AI, you first need to insert your Open AI API key on the Gitoqlok options page.

To obtain your API key sign up on the Open AI platform if you don't already have an account, and proceed to the "View API Keys" tab on the account menu top right window). You can track your API usage in your Open AI account there.

Create an API key and proceed to Gitoqlok Options -> Third-party Integrations -> scroll down to OpenAI. Insert the API key in the corresponding field:

Gitoqlok allows you to make 40 Ask AI requests per 24 hours free of charge. The number of free requests is renewed within the next 24 hours. To extend the daily limit and continue using Ask AI without limitation, please extend the trial or purchase a license.

Learn about the rate limit error and the general API errors OpenAI documentation.

There are several use cases of Ask AI:

  1. Master Measures

    1.1 Title generation based on the measure expression 1.2 Title generation based on the measure description 1.3 Description generation based on the measure expression

  2. Sheets 2.1 Title generation based on chart titles 2.2 Description generation based on the sheet title

See the next two sections to learn about the usage of each use cases.

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