Diff Editor (Merge)

This section describes how to merge changes via Diff Viewer.
Sheets Comparator allows viewing changes between different branches of the sheet visualization using the Diff Viewer tool.
There is an added ability to merge changes in a Diff Viewer.
You may visit the Sheet Comparator page.
Sheets Comparator showcases the sheets highlighted green - if the sheet is new; yellow - if the sheet has changes.
Click on the sheet that has changes - in Gitoqlok Helper pop-up proceed to the Diff Viewer.
Gitoqlok Helper: Sheets Comparator
Notice the right hindsight on the timeline at the top: you should be able to see the “Branch” toggle list. Choose the branch you want to compare your current visualization with.
Select Branch
The timeline is now transformed into showing you saved application sheet versions of User B. Switch between the versions and see the changes highlighted.
When there is a changed object on the sheet, the “Merge Changes” button is activated by clicking on the object.
Diff Viewer panel view shows changes: changed object on the sheet is highlighted yellow
Clicking on the object activates the Merge Changes option
Merge could be applied using the Table difference mode:
You could check the corresponding boxes to make particular changes on your sheet.
Table difference mode
Or done manually in the JSON split editor:
JSON split editor highlights the lines of the script representing the changes made on the current sheet. The panel on the left showcases the script before the change, while the one on the right represents the changes. In this example, it can be seen that not only the "qAggrFunc" has changed from "Count" to "Expr", but also the ColumnSortOrder has been reordered, and no exclusions are now made in "qLayoutExclude".
JSON split editor
Notice the "Revert chunk" tooltip between the two panels of JSON Split Editor. Revert chunk enables replacements on the current application's chart-level scripting. Once clicked, changes are applied on the left side of the panel.
Revert Chunk overwrites the current application chart-level scripting
After clicking on Apply Merge, the left-sided version should have the "*changed" label.
Changes are successfully applied: both panels have the same "Sales Rep by Variance" table version.
Both panels have the same "Sales Rep by Variance" table version
Overall sheet changes could be applied by clicking on the "Apply Commit" button. "Cancel", on the other hand, does not yield any modifications on the current application sheet.
Apply Commit/ Cancel