QVD Links: Data Load Editor

This page describes the new Gitoqlok QVD Links feature

QVD links help you to open an application that generates a QVD file at an instant.

To activate the feature, ensure you have the Gitoqlok Helper turned on.

You may visit Gitoqlok Helper page to learn how to activate it.

In your Qlik Sense application, proceed to the Data Load Editor and search for the line that references the QVD file:

By clicking on the Link icon, you will be redirected to the Qlik Application, associated with the imported QVD file.


Gitoqlok Platinum detects QVD links with variables in data connection paths:

  1. FROM [lib://$(DirName)/$(fileName).qvd]

  2. FROM [lib://$(FilePath).qvd]

  3. FROM [lib://ADWH META$(FilePath)/$(FileName.qvd)]

As for the first two formats, initially, the links appear in grey. This is done for you to see that they are not fully detected yet because GQ needs to know the values of the variables. To define values to the variables you need to launch the Debug Mode.

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