QSDA Pro Integration

This page describes the QDSA Pro Integration with Gitoqlok

QSDA Pro Documentation Page

The latest Gitoqlok release features the QSDA Pro Integration.

QSDA Pro is a useful document-analyzer, which helps to enhance the performance for Qlik Sense users.

To start using QSDA Pro in Gitoqlok, navigate to the Options page and find "Third-party Integrations" tab:

Insert your QSDA host and port and API Auth Token:

Make sure to already have a connection to the Qlik Server with QSDA Pro.

When having several analysis completed for Qlik Application in QSDA Pro, Gitoqlok fetches all the data and represents the summary on "QSDA Pro" tab.

You can choose the suitable analysis for the current application from Analysis List:

See the categories (Practice, Quality, Resource, and Performance) for each analysis with the flags count below. Each flag can be viewed in detail when expanding the toggle:

Create New Analysis

You can also create New QSDA Pro Analysis through Gitoqlok: find the "New Analysis" button on the right

The following pop-up lets you choose the connection with Qlik server, analysis description, bookmark, Qlik timeout, as well as options to collect calculation time and include disabled properties.

Press on "Create" and wait for the Analysis status to reach 100%. New analysis will be available in the drop down analyses menu:

Alternative: video tutorial

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