Tags Manager

This page describes how to set tags for Qlik Sense sheets in Qlik Cloud.

Tags Manager is a feature that controls the intention of Qlik Sense sheets to be published in Qlik Cloud.

Tag Manager through App overview

Gitoqlok Helper window in the App overview reveals the Tags Manager feature:

You can see all of the current application sheets displayed in the opened modal window. Columns "Tag" and "Published" reflect the status of the sheet and whether the sheet is published correspondingly.

There are three tags options you can set for your sheets:

  1. Private

  2. Not set

  3. Public

Once the private sheet is tagged "Public", Gitoqlok will identify the discrepancy and highlight the "Published" checkmark next to the sheet.

If you check the box your current sheet will be actually published.

When you are done editing the sheet tagged as "Public" Gitoqlok will, too, notify you to not forget to publish your sheet.

When you publish your application through Gitoqlok right from the Qlik application tab, you are going to be notified about having sheets with a "Public" tag being private and suggested to publish them:

Tag Manager through Sheets overview

Through the sheets overview you are able to set the tags similarly. To manage the intention to publish sheets, visit Tag Manager through the app overview.

Alternative: video tutorial

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