Gitoqlok Frequently Asked Questions
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    What happens if my company wants to create more than 30 repositories using Gitoqlok?
In an attempt to create the 31st corporate repository for a Qlik Sense application, the user will be suggested to either Extend the Trial or "Subscribe Now".
Gitoqlok Paywall
The first option extends your trial period by 30 days so that you can create additional repos. The trial extension requires you to schedule a meeting with the customer success team to discuss the terms of your trial. The user will be provided their trial key upon the trial extension.
Extend Trial pop-up
Schedule a meeting
The second option redirects you to the Motio website. You can purchase a license there by choosing the Gitoqlok Platinum plan suitable for you via online payment.
Gitoqlok purchase plans, Motio
2. What happens if my company has already had 30 corporate repositories before the license restrictions?
In this case, you will still have access to all the repositories you have created earlier. However, you won't be able to create an additional one. Note that the Freemium for corporate clients only have an opportunity to put 30 applications for versioning using Gitoqlok.
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    What happens is I turn on Qlik Helper?
Turning on Qlik Helper reveals several useful Gitoqlok features. It complements standard Qlik Sense interface with additional buttons (Sheets Comparator in App Overview window, etc.). We incorporate the CSS stylesheet in the web page that is rendered by Qlik server and hence modal windows are added though the Gitoqlok extension. Turning on Qlik Helper does not in any way corrupt Qlik Sense server - the page is only rendered on the client side. As a browser extension, we don’t have any right to the API method. We cannot corrupt the Qlik Server.