Gitoqlok Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my company wants to create more than 30 repositories using Gitoqlok?

In an attempt to create the 31st corporate repository for a Qlik Sense application, the user will be suggested to either "Extend Trial" or "Subscribe Now".

The first option extends your trial period by 30 days so that you can create additional repositories. The trial extension requires you to schedule a meeting with the customer success team to discuss the terms of your trial. You then will be provided their trial key upon the trial extension.

The second option redirects you to the Motio website. You can purchase a license by choosing the Gitoqlok Platinum plan suitable for you via online payment.

See the page on how to activate a License Key for a more detailed explanation.

What happens if my company has already had 30 corporate repositories before the license restrictions?

In this case, you will still have access to all the repositories you created earlier. However, you won't be able to create an additional one. Note that Gitoqlok Freemium for corporate clients allows putting 30 applications for versioning only.

What happens if I turn on Qlik Helper?

Turning on Qlik Helper reveals several useful Gitoqlok features. It complements the standard Qlik Sense interface with additional buttons (Sheets Comparator in App Overview window, Visual versioning tools, etc.).

We incorporate the CSS stylesheet in the web page that is rendered by the Qlik server and hence modal windows are added through the Gitoqlok extension.

Turning on Qlik Helper does not in any way corrupt the Qlik Sense server - the page is only rendered on the client side. As a browser extension, we don’t have any right to the API method. We cannot corrupt the Qlik Server.

Learn more about features revealed via Gitiqlok Helper.

Do you have premium support?
Do I have to configure Git to use Gitoqlok?

Not necessarily. Please refer to the features overview to learn more about Gitoqlok's capabilities.

I have a ChatGPT paid plan. Would AskAI work with no limitations for me?

ChatGPT and OpenAI API subscriptions are two distinct plan offerings. If you exceed your OpenAI grant (track the usage at OpenAI -> Your Profile -> Usage) or have your free trial expired, you would have to obtain an OpenAI API subscription. Aside from this, there is a rate limit to every OpenAI model. You can learn more about the rate limit here.

Could you provide detailed information on how Gitoqlok works under the hood (Qlik Sense integration, Chrome extension, authentication, access method)?

Gitoqlok is running as Chrome extensions so all requests to the Qlik are made using a context of the opened tab with Qlik application. So the additional authentication is not needed to connect to Qlik. We are using the next APIs:

1) JSON Engine QIX API (https://qlik.dev/apis/json-rpc/qix)

2) QRS API for the Qlik Enterprise (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/May2023/APIs/RepositoryServiceAPI/index.html)

3) REST API for the Qlik Enterprise and Qlik Cloud (https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/apps, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/spaces, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/items, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/reload-tasks, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/data-connections, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/users, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/data-connections, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/themes, https://qlik.dev/apis/rest/data-connections)

What type of Qlik Sense repository and app data does the software have access to?

Because of using existing Qlik session, Gitoqlok has access to all API endpoints and has the same access rights as an authenticated Qlik user.

How is the data transfer between our organization Qlik Server, Gitoqlok, and the git repository secured?

Gitoqlok is using internal chrome messaging API to communicate between context script (that is running on the context of opened Qlik tab), opened extensions popup and background service worker - https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/reference/tabs/#method-sendMessage

To pass data to the GIT server, we are using REST api of the given GIT server, using the protocol that user has provided (http or https), with the authorization method that recommended by the GIT provider. User have to set-up authorization to GIT server manually using Personal Access Token or application password








Which our organization data will be stored by Motio or any third parties involved? Is the data encrypted? Please share your policy on handling such data.

We do not store any user and Qlik data on our servers (instead of License).

We use Google Analytics to collect statistics on the number of clicks on some Gitoqlok buttons, and this can be disabled in the Gitoqlok settings.

Does the software provide any access control logs?

Gitoqlok collects a history of all REST requests that are made in context of the opened Qlik tab and Gitoqlok popup. History is stored in the browser local storage and is deleted when the tab is closed. So in case of some error user is able to use "Download logs" context menu item, and attach a log-file to the issue ticket to our support team. In that log file, all passwords are masked.

How to download Log files in case you spot a bug?

Click on the three-dot icon near Gitoqlok extension and proceed to Download Logs. Send our team a downloaded zip-file along with the description of the issue you're experiencing.

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