QVD Lineage

Learn how to investigate the usage of QVD files by Qlik Sense apps.

QVD Lineage from Gitoqlok offers a clear and organized display of all QVD files generated or referenced by a specific Qlik application. It allows users to trace the origins and destinations of their data effortlessly. By mapping out these connections, users gain critical insights into their data ecosystem, enhancing their ability to manage their Qlik applications.

To access the feature please turn on Gitoqlok Helper.

This feature is a part of integration with Soterre. Please configure the Soterre connection in Options to start working with Global Search. Minimum Soterre requirement is v2.8.8.

Soterre provides automation and oversight of the continuous delivery process for a trusted Qlik Sense experience.

How it works

The QVD Files Lineage feature is embedded within the Gitoqlok extension in the Chrome Side Panel, providing an intuitive and accessible interface. Here’s a look at how it functions:

  • Integration with Soterre: Gitoqlok integrates with Soterre, leveraging its APIs to fetch metadata about QVD files.

  • Data Mapping: The feature fetches QVD files to identify all generated and referenced QVD files for a currently opened application.

  • Lineage: It then details the usage of said QVD files by other applications to visualize relationships in the Chrome Side Panel, allowing users to see a clear lineage of their data.

  • Interactive Exploration: Users can interact with the QVDs list by clicking on app hyperlinks, which allows effortless discovery of associations between apps that operate on the same data.

Find the QVD Links button from Gitoqlok module in the Data Load Editor tab. You can see the QVD Files Lineage list directly in the Chrome Side Panel.

To open Chrome Side Panel, click on the QVD Lineage button from Gitoqlok in Data Load Editor tab.

QVD Lineage helps users answer the following questions about their data:

  • Which QVD files are used by my app?

Under the "References" section you can find the list of all QVD files referenced by the current application.

  • Which apps use the same QVD files?

For each QVD file, there is an expandable list of other applications that use certain QVD files as well. Hyperlinks to these Qlik Apps help easily redirect to further associate the touch points between apps that operate on the same data.

  • Am I sure I'm not loading QVDs from where they are stored?

Under the "Generates" section you can find the list of all QVD files generated by the current application.

  • Which apps use QVDs that the current app generates?

This helps trace the dependencies between applications.

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