AskAI: Documentation Wizard

This page describes the User Documentation generation with AskAI.

Documentation Wizard is a tool that lets you wrap up the summary for your Qlik Sense dashboards. Please note that you should have an active repository for the application you are making documentation for.

Documentation Wizard outputs:

  • The summary for selected sheets

  • Use Cases for each chart selected

You can find the Documentation Wizard in Gitoqlok popup:

Select the current app's sheets you want to make documentation for and proceed to open the editor:

In the editor window, you can rename the file that is to be saved, view the response along with the prompt passed, and select the charts to make documentation for.

Buttons next to the dashboard titles indicate the status of the dashboard:

  • "Hide" = the dashboard chart(s) are used for generating a documentation

  • "Show" = the dashboard chart(s) are not used for generating a documentation

By default, all the dashboards (and corresponding charts) are selected - click on "View Prompt" to see what is passed as a prompt.

Note that if the generated file name includes "/" the file is going to be stored in a nested way. Y

To select a certain dashboard (and the corresponding charts), click on the status button next to the dashboard. The dashboard toggle is expandable - you can select the charts of interest to proceed:

In the example above the "Expenses" sheet and all of its objects are selected. The respective prompt passed is:

To generate documentation, press "AskAI" at the bottom right of the editor window:

The markdown response from OpenAI is going to appear on the left panel of the window:

Finally, click "Save" to save the generated documentation to a GitHub repository. You can view the generated file that has been saved to the Git repository by clicking "View File" on the bottom right:

Alternative: video tutorial

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