Soterre Integration

This page describes how to connect Gitoqlok to Sottere server.

Soterre provides automation and oversight of the continuous delivery process for a trusted Qlik Sense experience.

How to connect Gitoqlok to Soterre

Find the Soterre configuration in the "Third-party services" tab in Gitoqlok Options. You can find the Options button in Gitoqlok popup or through the extensions context menu in Chrome.

The Minimum required Soterre version to connect Gitoqlok with is 2.5

To configure Soterre in Gitoqlok, click the "Use Soterre in Gitoqlok" checkbox:

In fields below, insert your Soterre host and port along with an API token. Click "Save":

To obtain the Soterre API Token, follow Get it on Soterre -> Edit User Profile -> Account

Soterre versioning in Gitoqlok popup

Open the Gitoqlok popup in Qlik App and proceed to Soterre tab. You can see the Timeline for the current application, which parallels the Soterre timeline. From here, you may also:

  1. Look up the Soterre server connected to the environment;

  2. Process the "Find Changes" event by clicking on "Version Now";

  3. Search for versions and filter them by users, artifacts, or types;

  4. Edit versions;

  5. Restore any selected version of an application.

When editing versions you can apply the comment, tags, issue tracking project or issues to them:

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