Collision Detection

This page describes the Soterre Collision Detection in Gitoqlok

Once you have Soterre connected to Gitoqlok, you can track copies of your application in Gitoqlok "App Collisions" tab.

You can see the detected collisions to your public application if another user has duplicated your app to their personal space.

When you just open the Qlik application, in case the application was duplicated by another user, the following warning message will appear on the bottom right of your app overview window:

To see detailed information about the collisions for the current app, proceed to Gitoqlok and navigate to the "App Collisions" tab:

The current example showcases that for the current "DLE.Test" application, two collisions are detected: "DLE.Test(1)" and "DLE.Test(2)". The additional information provided includes:

  1. Application ID

  2. Owner

  3. Creation and Modification date and time

  4. Application status (Published/ Unpublished)

  5. Link to the detected application

Alternative: video tutorial

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