How to Publish an Application?

Learn how to publish app directly from Gitoqlok.

You can publish an app in just a few clicks when you have Gitoqlok at hand.

Open your App and activate Gitoqlok. You can see the "Publish App" button on the right of your App name.

The following pop-up inherits the steps:

  1. Choose a stream The drill-down lets you choose the streams that are available to publish to.

  2. Give the app a name Customizable field for assigning a name for Published App.

Once you're done, click "Publish" and the App should appear on the chosen Stream.

  1. This is an option to Replace the existing app

To replace an application, you need to first select the one you want to return from a drill-down.

Once you replace an application, the app you have replaced will be completely lost. This includes data and all the objects.

Click on "Replace" and the target app will be republished.

Alternative: video tutorial

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