Repository grouping

Learn how to group repositories in Gitoqlok

When creating a repository you are offered to pick a delimiter to set in your repository name.

Gitoqlok offers you to choose between ".", "-", and "_" characters to use are delimiters.

Suppose you have just created a repository called "gitoqlok-Project-App1". The delimiter in use here is "-". Proceeding to Gitoqlok Options you can set the Repository name delimiter to display the repositories in a tree structure:

Thus, for example, when you are seeing the repositories list through Gitoqlok, it will display the following tree view. When the repository delimiter is set to be "-", every repository created with the same delimiter will be displayed with a tree structure. The repo we have created above, "gitoqlok-ProjectName-App1" is organized the following way: there is an initial folder, "datanpmixpro" - the organization repository, subfolders - "gitoqlok", "ProjectName", followed by the application - "App1".

Repository grouping in Gitoqlok lets you organize several application repositories under a common group for convenient development and assembling related work together. If you create another repository for an application related to the current work and call it "gitoqlok-ProjectName-App2", it will appear right under the ''App1" in a tree-structured view.

Alternative: video tutorial

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