Load Script Versioning

Load Script Versioning manual.

Gitoqlok Helper Load Script versioning tool allows to view differences and make instant changes between different Load Script versions in Qlik Sense.

Proceed to Data Load Editor:

Open Gitoqlok extension and turn on Qlik Helper:

Qlik Helper in Gitoqlok reveals many useful add-ins for your Qlik Sense experience: Time Machine, Diff Viewer, Set a Thumbnail, QVD Links.

The upper panel of your Qlik Sense interface should be complemented with the green versioning icon. Click on it and reveal an additional panel for further versioning:

On the right side of the panel the first drill-down lets you choose the commits to the current repository:

Second drill-down lets you choose the branch of the current repository:

As an example, "branch1" was selected to compare the versions of the Main script section:

Note how the differences are highlighted yellow - you can easily replace the changes by clicking on the "Revert chunk" arrow between the panels:

After the changes have been made, you can find the Save button at the top panel:

Change Repo

You can also see the versioning from any other repository of your choice. Change Repo button allows you to do so:

Notice the "Show only repos containing the selected tab in script" option - tick if you aim at fetching the changes from the same tab in different application repository. As an example, the repository called "Peek-vs-Previous" is selected and the corresponding script version can be seen on the right side of the panel for comparison and/or making changes:

Alternative: video tutorial

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