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Applications Manager: Bulk repository creation on Gitoqlok popup in Qlik Sense hub

On your Qlik Sense hub open Gitoqlok and proceed to Apps Manager:

You are going to be redirected to Gitoqlok Options page to proceed with selecting the applications for versioning from your current Qlik server.

Please don't close the Qlik Sense hub page that is going to be opened when you insert your url link.

Your current Qlik Sense server url is going to be inserted in the field on Applications Manager page. This information is needed for Gitoqlok to return the list of your Qlik Sense applications for bulk versioning.

You can see:

  1. Apps' names;

  2. Repositories' names for each applications;

  3. Other (Descriptions, Streams, Owners)

Once you select the apps for versioning and press "Create repositories" at the bottom of the page - you are going to be suggested to set the naming convention for the new repositories. As a default each new repository is going to be called with a qlikAppName variable (qlikAppName=MyApp, repository name=gitoqlok-MyApp). Set a new variable among available ones to change the naming and click on "Continue".

Done! When going back to the Git Servers and returning the list of your Qlik applications you can check that there are repository links for every Qlik Application you have just versioned using Applications Manager.

Note that bulk versioning using Applications Manager contain one initial commit that includes application sheets. Visit this page to learn how to make more commits.

Alternative: video tutorial

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