Global Search

Learn how to reduce redundancy when creating Qlik apps, measures, and expressions.

Global Search in Gitoqlok is designed to enable the search across names when you craft Qlik Apps, measures, and expressions. The data results, conveniently available in Chrome Side Panel, help you to find associations and reduce potential redundancy and ambiguity.

To access the feature please turn on Gitoqlok Helper.

This feature is a part of integration with Soterre. Please configure the Soterre connection in Options to start working with Global Search. Minimum Soterre requirement is v2.8.8.

Soterre provides automation and oversight of the continuous delivery process for a trusted Qlik Sense experience.

Use Case 1: Searching for Qlik Apps during creation and naming

The user has an active Soterre connection and is creating a new Qlik analytics app. After calling it "Report for Stakeholders", they click on the Global Search button from Gitoqlok to check if a similar app exists.

Gitoqlok catches metadata from Soterre Search and outputs the list of apps that match the search criteria for Qlik Apps that contain "Report for Stakeholders". The app name is fetched from the user input Name field in Qlik UI.

After the user discovered an app named "Report for Stakeholders'2023", they decided to call the app "Report for Stakeholders'2024" to differentiate it and avoid duplications.

Use Case 2: Finding Existing Measures When Creating New Ones

The user needs to create a new measure for calculating the average balance. After doing so, they search for "Average Balance" using the Global Search button and find an existing measure with the same name, but a different expression, not suitable for a current use case.

The user sees that this measure sits in the same app stream. To ensure consistency and reduce clutter, they call the measure "Average Balance - Weighted".

Use Case 3: Searching for Existing Expressions in Measures

A user wants to search for measure expressions on their Qlik Server that match the expression that they have input. To do so, they change the selection criteria in Chrome Side Panel to search for related Expressions that Contain the inputted Expression (from the Qlik UI field).

Each measure expression in Global Search is copyable from the Chrome Side Panel.

The user finds a complex and accurate formula used in another measure. By reusing this expression, they ensure the new measure is both accurate and quickly implemented.

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