Application Checklist

Streamline your Qlik Sense experience and ensure the highest standards of performance before releasing applications to production.

Conveniently accessible in Chrome Side Panel Application Checklist provides a holistic approach to performing the checkup of application compliance to the best pre-deployment practices.

Turn on Gitoqlok Helper to find Application Checklist feature in App overview.

The landing page displays the list of Pre-deployment checklists, that are visible to every Gitoqlok user.

At the top of the Pre-deployment checklists, you can find the Default Checklist by Gitoqlok, where our team has gathered some of the best practices and recommendations for Qlik developers to review before deploying an application.

Each checklist is formatted to represent the hierarchical view: Section -> Item -> Description. You can mark each checklist item as completed. Once each item within the checklist is marked as done the section highlights green:

To open the links in the description press Ctrl + click on the link.

Once you have ensured the consistency of your application with the checklist components you can publish your application right in the side panel:

  1. Choose a space

  2. Give your app a name

  3. Enter the description

  4. Check out Tags Manager notifications for publishing sheets

To ensure the consistency of the actual state of your sheets with your intention to publish them learn more about Tags Manager in Qlik Cloud.

Create custom checklist

For Gitoqlok to indicate you as a checklist author, please configure Git in options before creating a custom checklist. Otherwise, the checklist is going to be authored as "Unknown".

On the Application Checklist landing page find the "add" button. In the creation mode, you can:

  1. Enter your checklist components. Make sure to write up concise item names and neat descriptions.

    You can add more sections and items within sections. Drag and drop sections at your convenience.

  2. Add QSDA Pro performance check-up. If you add this option your checklist users will be able to integrate QSDA Pro into Gitoqlok to execute application performance check-up.

Learn more about QSDA Pro to ensure that your applications are optimized for the production environment.

Click "Save" to save your custom checklist locally. This action makes your custom checklist visible to you only.

Select checklist visibility

You can either keep your checklist private, publish it to every Gitoqlok user, or share it privately with your organization.

  • Keeping checklist private

To keep your checklist private for you only, press "Save" after creating checklist. Gitoqlok will prompt you that the checklist is "Saved locally".

  • Publishing checklist to every Gitoqlok user

If you are open to share your checklist with every Gitoqlok user, click on "Share" either from Pre-deployment checklist menu (Select checklist -> three dots -> share) or open checklist, press "Share", and select "Everyone" radio button:

  • Share checklist with your organization members

To share the checklist with your organization members, click on "Share" either from Pre-deployment checklist menu (Select checklist -> three dots -> share) or open checklist, press "Share", and select "For your organization" radio button:

Gitoqlok will prompt organizations from your Git server. Choose one and click "Share""

Now your custom checklist has your organization tag:

Edit existing checklist

You can edit existing checklists either locally or publicly. Cases to do this include:

  1. If you want to have a template you can edit the Pre-deployment checklist by Gitoqlok and publish the updated version as a new checklist.

  2. If you would like to edit your existing custom checklist that is public. By editing sections, your current checklist will be republished.

You can duplicate and edit checklist either from the main menu or from the checklist view.

Once you edit existing checklist, a copy of that checklist will be created - you can change the name later. After clicking "Save" the checklist will be saved privately so only you can see it.

Delete checklist

You may delete checklist by clicking on "Delete" when editing it.

Alternative: video tutorial

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