Gitoqlok development set of rules: Git + Qlik Sense

Git Branching in Qlik Sense

There is a set of rules that we suggest implementing in the development team:

  1. The main branch is the published app

    1. The main branch created by Qlik Data Architect, the developer who creates a data model and building the first version of the app.

  2. A certain git branching naming convention

    1. Mixing and matching all Git branch naming conventions are not the best practice. It only adds confusion and complicates the development processes.

    2. The team must decide which naming conventions to use once, and stick to them. Consistency is the most vital thing.

  3. Whenever possible, divide the work between developers to avoid future conflicts while merge process:

    1. Only one developer working on data modeling at the same time (data load script creation process).

    2. If two developers work on the visualization layer then avoid working on the same sheet simultaneously with two developers.

  4. Use Pull Requests in your Git provider to merge branches

    1. If you are faced with conflicts then use Gitoqlok's load script diff viewer and sheet diff viewer to find the root cause:

      1. Load script diff viewer and sheet diff viewer will highlight differences between versions and helps you to figure out the changes between conflicted versions.

      2. Use Gitoqlok's Import feature to pull changes from another developer to resolve conflicts.

      3. Commit merged version to the branch and create Pull Request again.

      4. If the conflict cannot be resolved, the Qlik team lead (or author of the app) could pull changes from a particular branch into the main branch directly.

  5. Link your commit to the particular task from your ticketing system. Then, you can easily navigate through changes and see the lineage between business requirements and changes

    1. Works well with GitLab and GitHub - use #<task_number>

  6. Do not delete the branch from the repository. In that way, you will have the ability to roll back to any previous state of the app or review the changes

  7. Organize your load scripts in reusable routines and share it between developers

Git Branch with Author Name

Some prefer to add authors’ names and/or features' names to the branch names according to the format below:



This method allows for easy tracking of different developers’ work.

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