Sheets Comparator

This example deploys GitHub as the collaborative development repository.

Suppose you are User A and your colleague is User B.

As User A, you should have already published your Qlik Sense app to the shared space and included User B in that shared space, specifying the actions they may undertake on the app.

Besides, you should have created a repository on the server of your choice; saved and committed the initial version of scripts and sheets, and saved it (version1 in this example).

You may visit pages on how to create a git repository for your app and how to share Load Script and Sheets with your community.

Make sure you have added User B as a collaborator for your git repository.

Please make note that this example deploys GitHub as the repository service.

User B makes a copy of the shared application, moves it to their private space, and works on a sheet visualization - they make some manipulations on the sheet. After, they activate Gitoqlok to create a branch in User A's existing repository and save and commit their work on their branch as a version2.

Now User A activates Gitoqlok and in the sheets menu, there is an additional tool from Gitoqlok Helper - Compare Sheets. Click on it and select the repository.

You may visit the page on how to activate Gitoqlok Helper.

The Gitoqlok Helper bar is now extended - it shows you the branches and version history of each branch. Sheets Comparator highlights sheet changes: if you place your cursor on a sheet it tells you whether the sheet is new (highlighted green) or has changes (highlighted yellow). Select the sheet that has changes (Sales & Margin Analysis in this example).

Changes could be observed via Time Machine or Diff viewer.

Time Machine navigates you between the versions of your current application branch. This example excluded User A's changes.

You may want to revisit the Time Machine page.

Diff Viewer shows the differences in a panel view:

Notice the sidebar of the Diff Viewer tool: here you can select other branches connected to User A's (your) repository to compare your current application with.

There is now a toggle list to select the branch and an option to Apply Commit in order to merge Sheet Visualizations from different versions and branches into the current application. If you, on the other hand, select Cancel, the current application version (as it is on the left) will remain unchanged, but you can always re-open the Diff Viewer and apply the selected commit.

Alternative: video tutorial

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