Diff Viewer

This section describes how to use the Diff Viewer.

Diff Viewer depicts two saved versions of your sheet in two panels.

After you activate Qlik Helper in Gitoqlok and save the app to your repository with an initial commit, make some changes to your sheet. As an example, I have changed the color scheme of my diagrams and saved and committed the changed version:

By clicking on the details icon in the sheets menu, select "Diff Viewer".

Diff Viewer lets you seize the differences by looking at the two panels. Differences are highlighted for you.

When you click on the highlighted visualization notice the "View/Merge Changes" button. This will allow you to transfer the changes into the current version of your sheet (on the left).

The following table refines the changes made to the visualization for you to merge the differences. Once you merge changes, hit the Apply Merge button finish:

Finally, click on Apply Merge on the top right of your Qlik interface. Notice that your current version has been changed.

Alternative: video tutorial

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