Learn how to use the Import function.


We are trying to capitalize on our experience with standard Qlik Sense applications, master objects, and load-script during our careers.

For instance, every app in the retail sector always has a sheet "ABC analysis". There is a little difference between them, but client by client I'm using the same template that I am copying from the last application.

β€ŒWith Gitoqlik you could reuse your sheets from applications by importing them and combining them in a new Qlik Sense application.

In order to import the Qlik Sense app from the existing GitHub repository, first, create a New Analytics App.

Activate Gitoqlok and proceed to the Import tab. Lib tag allows Gitoqlok to read your repository where the app is stored as the library for other users to see it. Choose the path.

Select the sheets you want to import and press Import.

Now proceed to the Data Load Editor page and perform the same steps: select sections for import and press Import.

Conflict window signals having an identical existing section. To avoid duplicity, press "Overwrite from repo". Otherwise, you could keep both sections.

Imported app should appear on your Qlik Sense homepage.

Alternative: video tutorial

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