Security Rules Manager

This page describes the Security Rules Manager feature.

Security Rules Manager is a paid feature as of Gitoqlok Platinum.

Proceed to the Security Rules page by accessing Qlik Management Console and click on the Gitoqlok icon in your browser.

Gitoqlok Security Rules Manager is activated automatically.

In this window you can select the Git repo to view which Security Rules have been exported there and view the version history for that repository. To do this, find Activity Log in the right panel of the tab and select repository.

As the repository has been selected, you can view its version history.

Selecting certain commits displays the Security Rules that were interacted with as of that commit. As an example, when the β€œinit” commit is selected, the right panel displays that the β€œDEV-test-rule” was exported.

Security Rules Manager lets you to rollback a particular security rule. For that, click on the cloud icon near the security rule on the right and press β€œRevert”.

Alternative: video tutorial

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