How to use a Master License key?

This page describes the manipulations you can do with a master license.

If you have purchased a multiple-user License, as an initiator you are going to be provided a Master License key.

A Master License is a new type of license key you can obtain to have an extended scope of actions.

The table below your activated master key is a space for managing user tokens within your organization.

The first column - Tokens, is the list of user tokens under your organization. The second column - Status, is the status of said token. If someone has already activated the token, the status indicates as "Activated". If the token is free to activation and usage, it is "Available" and is subject to the distribution (copying and sending).

Be careful with tokens distribution and take care of privacy when exporting them elsewhere.

The last column - Actions, lets you Deactivate the token if it is being currently used.

If you deactivate a token, that key will be deleted and a new one will be put in its place.

Alternative: video tutorial

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