Committing standalone Qlik SaaS Scripts

Learn how Gitoqlok allows Script Editor versioning as Qlik SaaS standalone script.

Scripts allow you to load and transform data without needing an analytics app. The transformations can be reused to provide data to multiple apps. Scripts help you remove data preparation from the analytics app workflow unless users want to build and transform data themselves in their app.

Scripts are available in Qlik Cloud.

To create a repository and start versioning Scripts in Qlik, proceed to Script in Qlik Cloud:

Follow the general practice to create a repository using Gitoqlok: open Script, proceed to Gitoqlok and find "Create repository":

Once you have a script history to version, open Gitoqlok again and press "Save changes":

Notice that you may also save Attached files and Reload Tasks and Data Connections to the repository in your Script Editor.

Other Script versioning abilities are available per Gitoqlok functionality:

When you roll back your changes using "Update" in Gitoqlok, after selecting the commit you want to roll back to refresh the Script page - changes will be applied to your Qlik page after the refresh.

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