This page describes how to connect Gitoqlok to Sottere server.

Soterre provides automation and oversight of the continuous delivery process for a trusted Qlik Sense experience.

If you already have Soterre, you can connect it to Gitoqlok

Open Gitoqlok and navigate to the Soterre tab:

Through Gitoqlok Options directly, you can find the Soterre configuration in "Third-party services" tab:

The Minimum required Soterre version to connect Gitoqlok with is 2.5

To configure Soterre in Gitoqlok, click the "Use Soterre in Gitoqlok" checkbox:

In fields below, insert your Soterre host and port along with an API token. Click "Save":

To obtain Soterre API Token, follow Get it on Soterre -> Edit User Profile -> Account

Back in Gitoqlok's popup Soterre tab, you can see the Timeline for the current application, which parallels the Soterre timeline. From here, you may also:

  1. Look up the Soterre server connected to the environment;

  2. Process the "Find Changes" event by clicking in "Version Now";

  3. Search for versions and filter them by users, artifacts, or types;

  4. Edit versions;

  5. Restore any selected version of an application.

When editing versions you can apply the comment, tags, issue tracking project or issues to them:

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