Timeline collapse into groups

This section showcases the collapse of the timeline into groups.
Both Gitoqlok Helper tools, Time Machine and Diff Viewer incorporate a timeline as a key add-in to visually encounter version history.
Gitoqlok version 1.9.87 now collapses the timeline by month groups in the case where you have a Qlik Sense application that has a rich version history, with commits scattered throughout months.
The current application sheet has had two commits dated in October (version1 and version2) and three commits dated in November (version3, sales rep 2, and sales rep 3).
Commit history: Gitoqlok popup
Timeline now collapses into groups with the respect to the commit month. Note the "Other commits" group on the very left of the timeline:
Other commits group
By clicking on it, the Timeline reorganizes to show two groups (with the respect to the number of months in which commits were made, in this example, two only) in the form of MM/YYYY (month/year).
Timeline groups by months
By expanding either group, Timeline reveals the version history for the current month.
Month: October
Month: November
From here onwards, the timeline can be used just as in usual use.