How to activate a license key?

This is the tutorial on how to activate the license key [1.9.86 Gitoqlok release].
When you reach 10 corporate repositories using GitHub or GitLab as a server repository type, Gitoqlok requests you to extend your trial or make a subscription.
Organization Repository Usage
When you create your 11th corporate repository, in a pop-up window you have two options: extend your trial or make a subscription. If you want to continue your trial, press on “Extend trial” and fill in the spaces accordingly.
License requirement pop-up window
Fill in the gaps accordingly
Then you’re redirected to Calendly to schedule a meeting with the responsible person to discuss the terms of your trial or subscription. Select a suitable date and time and schedule the event.
Schedule a Calendly event
The next pop-up window gives you the copyable License Key. Your license key is emailed to you, although you can also copy it (including the three dots) and save it somewhere secure. Press “Activate” to continue your work.
Your license key

Different Scenario: somebody has the key

If you try to make your 11th corporate repository on GitHub or GitLab server, and it appears that someone from your organization has already extended the trial and has the key, Gitoqlok lets you contact the person to request a key from them: it shows you the email to contact.
After the trial key has been retrieved by your colleague, proceed to the Gitoqlok Options page and in the address bar after the “html” add “?showLicenseOptions”.
The Options sidebar should now show you the License block, where you can insert your key, check, and save.
Insert your company license key

Alternative: video tutorial

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